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 The "12 Legions of Angels", (12 LA), is a group of Christians, called by the Lord, who are experts in the field of trafficking investigations and working towards developing sound strategies to gain a better understanding of traffickers methods of recruiting victims, their transportation routes, funding sources, safe houses, and the destinations of their victims.  12 LA now takes this information and uses the intelligence they have gathered to rescue and retrieve any American citizen abducted from our country, or held against their will when arriving in a foreign country (under the guise of work), or abducted while on a holiday.





Tactical Rescue team
Kidnapped Child

Once the 12 LA rescues a trafficked victim, members of the team who are medics, render any needed emergency medical aide. The team has ministers, counselors and other professionals who volunteer their time to travel with our investigative team in order to render spiritual or psychological assistance to victims.  The world of traffickers is dark, dangerous and ugly and the victims have experienced the worst of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’.


The 12 Legions of Angels work with the critical support of local government offices, after  they have been vetted and are found not to be corrupt, which assists in opportunities for repatriation of girls trafficked to and from the United States of America. The investigative work the team conducts is well documented so a package of evidence can be provided to local law enforcement so more prosecutions of the powerful individuals behind human trafficking are found guilty and (ideally) their operations closed for good!





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